Köpvillkor - Orderproducerat

1. Purchases at CHOPAR SPORT

No binding purchase agreement has been made until you have received an order confirmation from Vera Sport.

2. Price

The indicated price at the time of ordering is the actual price. All prices are incl. 25% VAT and in SEK unless otherwise stated.

We preserve the following reservations:

- Currency changes
- Force majeure
- Delivery failures
- Tax changes
- Sold out and typographical errors.

3. Custom design

If you wish to get your own custom design, whether it is gym wear or jackets, the following rules apply:

1. The order must contain a minimum of 20 pieces.
2. We offer the possibility to produce a sample of the wanted product for 1000 SEK per item. This product will, however, be free if you subsequently order the desired design.
3. The sample will, if possible, be included in the final order at the price of the item in question.
4. Deadline for ordering custom designs is November 15. By that time the design has to be final and the contract received.

4. Returns

All products from CHOPAR SPORT are quality products. If contrary to all expectations an error or a defect occurs in a product, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do anything possible to remedy the complaint, and your clothes will be repaired or exchanged.

If you wish to return the product due to complaints or misdelivery, please complete the return note below and enclose it with your item.

Order produced goods can generally not be returned. If there are errors in the order, we will in communication with you find the cause of the error and in that way find a solution that satisfies both parties. You must claim within reasonable time after you have found the defect. If you claim within 2 weeks, this is always considered to be timely.

If the product cannot be repaired, we will produce a new one. We will do anything to ensure that it is done quickly, but since it is order-produced goods you should expect some waiting time depending on the item.

The condition for a replacement is, of course, that the claim is justified, and that the defects have not been caused by misuse of the product or by other injurious behaviour to the product.

5. Delivery terms

The delivery time for order-produced goods is generally 8 weeks from the day we receive the order. Please always refer to the order confirmation you receive from us
Buyer will be invoiced for the shipping costs.

6. Terms of payment

The terms of payment for order-produced goods are 8 days, calculated from the day of dispatch.

7. Cancelation

Since it is a question of order-produced goods, it is generally not possible to cancel an order or reduce the number of units. If you still want to do this, all production costs will be billed to you.

8. Additional orders of single pieces

As part of our service you can, in the same season as your main order, order down to one piece of your order-produced product. The order will be treated as an entirely new order in terms of delivery, freight etc. This is, however, subject to the availability of materials. The production process for small orders is very expensive and it should therefore be expected an extra 20% in the price per item in relation to the 6-19 piece price. For some product types, for example sublimation products, the surcharges can be higher. Ask about prices and possibilites at CHOPAR.

9. Property

CHOPAR SPORT reserves full ownership of the associated rights over the goods until final payment is made.

10. Damages during transportation

Transport damages must be reported immediately to the carrier or post office. If it is agreed in advance with the carrier that the goods may be delivered without receipt, CHOPAR is without responsibility if the product were to disappear or be damaged.

11. Force majeure

Should delivery be prevented entirely or partially due to force majeure, this exempts CHOPAR SPORT from any liability. Associated with force majeure are labour disputes, war, civil war, blockades, barriers, political unrest, government intervention, lack of propellants, or other outside circumstances affecting delivery.

12. Counseling responsibilites

CHOPAR SPORT assistance to the buyer or buyer's consultant with technical advice is only considered as indicative and without responsibility for CHOPAR SPORT.

13. Product liability

For injury to persons or items as a result of deficiencies or defects in our products, CHOPAR SPORT holds responsibility to the extent that liability under mandatory law is imposed on CHOPAR SPORT. CHOPAR SPORT will, however, in no case be responsible for the loss of profits or other indirect losses.

14. Products

CHOPAR SPORT is continuously developing products to stay ahead of the development.
As a consequence of this, designs, the range of products, colours, and prices may be subject to changes, compared to those in our catalogue and on our website.